Now Offering Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails
This new treatment is a safe and effective way to treat fungus without causing damage to the nail. Most patients require 2-3 treatments that last 15 min each. Call us today for an appointment!
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Pinpointe Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Podiatry Associates of Cincinnati is pleased to offer a toenail fungus laser treatment using the FDA-approved Pinpointe FootLaser. This safe and effective procedure is designed to penetrate through the toenail, targeting and eradicating fungal spores in the nail bed without causing damage to the nail or surrounding skin. The laser utilizes a unique combination of wavelength and pulse structure that is absorbed by the fungus. Most patients require two to three sessions, each lasting about 15 minutes. It boasts over 70% effectiveness, with a visible improvement in nail health within three months. The gentle laser light has no impact on healthy tissue and typically causes no pain, although some patients may experience temporary warmth in the nail during the treatment.

While the treatment is not covered by insurance, payment can be made using Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), cash, or credit cards. It is essential to maintain good foot hygiene to prevent reinfection, as fungus is present everywhere in the environment. For those interested, appointments can be scheduled by calling our Montgomery location at (513) 474-4450.

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